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  Host Your Own BlackJack Party!  

Do you want to host your own blackjack party?  Do you want to bring the true Las Vegas experience to your home or company party with  professional blackjack dealers.  Are you tired of playing blackjack on borrowed card tables.  Then it's time to let MC Casino Gaming & Entertainment help you host your very own blackjack party.

Black Jack is one of the more popular ways to bring the feeling of Las Vegas to your casino themed party. Our professional blackjack dealers are dressed to reflect the true casino feeling and we only used the highest quality blackjack rental tables available in Orange County, Los Angeles and all of Southern California. The tables reflects the true action of Las Vegas letting you double down, split and take insurance on your hands. You and your guests will feel as if they are being transported to Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

lack Jack Party is a great way to enjoy your day or evening with family ,friends and co-workers at a company party.  It is a favorite in all crowds, because it is relatively easy to learn to play, and the action is always non-stop.  Our professional blackjack dealers can deliver a fast paced, high action game or deal at a pace that allows newcomers to learn the finer points of the game.  Experience the true Las Vegas feel by playing on the finest blackjack tables for rent in Orange County and in LA. 


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