Casino Themes

"Create an amazing party theme with a real life casino feel.  Discover how much fun one can create in their own space with the use of high quality casino equipment."

- MC Casino Gaming


Birthday Casino

Birthday Casino Events are our specialty!  We want to make sure you take that special day and turn it into something amazing!  Imagine turning your birthday party into a casino style event?  Let us help you create an amazing casino experience for your birthday.

Birthday Casino


Casino Rental Game

Want to rent a casino for any style of event you want anywhere?  Yup!  we can help get you the casino from where we are to anywhere you want!  We have many options for you to choose from whether its black jack, craps, poker, and or roulette!  Let us help you entertain.

Casino Rental Game


Casino Table Rental

Need to rent some casino tables, but don't know where to turn?  At MC Casino gaming we provide valuable and amazing casino tables for your pleasure.  We provide Black Jack, Craps, Poker, and Roulette!

Casino Table Rental


Casino Circus

Come one come all for a circus themed casino that can turn into an adventure of a life time!  Add the fun feeling of a circus to your casino event.  Create a colorful and fun atmosphere everyone will love with this circus themed casino event.

Circus Casino


Casino Fundraiser

At the intersection of Fun and Fundraiser is where you will find MC Casino gaming.  With over 10 years of experience with thousands of non profits and charities you can rest assured that we will help you meet or exceed your expectations for your casino fundraiser.

Casino Fundraiser


Great Gatsby Theme

Old Sport!  Its time to bring back the roaring 20's in style!  Add the flair of a casino party to your 1920's great gatsby party.  With our help your party will be the talk of the town.

Great Gatsby Theme


Havana Nights!

Havana nights are all about great drinks, cigars, top hats, and most importantly the casino!  Bring the casino home, and entertain your guests with this amazing party theme.

Havana Nights


Hollywood Party

Want to setup a Hollywood party like no other?  Well here you have it.  We can help you create a Hollywood themed casino night.  Imagine having a glamour star filled night with the flair of a casino.

Hollywood Themed Party


Team Building Games

Create an existing team building atmosphere for your entire team.  Bring everyone together with the fun and excitement of a casino.  Your team will engage each other with and have an amazing time bonding together when their chips are on the line.

Team Building Games


Western Nights!

Welcome to the wild wild west!  A time of gun slinging, horses, and of course gambling.  If you have a group of people who want the feel of the wild west bars, and casinos we are the right company for your event.  This will be one of the most memorable experiences ever.

Western Nights