Party Planner’s Guide To Creative Casino Night Cuisine: Part 1 (Food)

Dinner parties are considered the most popular type of celebration with just over 10,000 online searches every month. But what’s a party without a theme? If your dinner party is in desperate need of a creative and exciting theme, all you’ll have to do is rent casino games to ensure a night of fun. But while casino night party rentals are great for a variety of occasions, your event won’t be complete until you provide some enthusiastic touches to the decor, and especially, the cuisine. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to put them both together. Here’s part one of our party planner’s guide that will reveal some creative ways to incorporate casino-like touches into your event’s food options.

Clams Casino

Whether you’re getting your event professionally catered or doing the job yourself, clams casino is a great dish to get the theme going. The natural presentation of the finished dish also provides an elegant touch that will keep guests talking (and eating!). You can serve this dish buffet style, or make a batch for each table, and this recipe, provided by AllRecipes, can be prepared in just over an hour. To really make the presentation classy, consider serving the finished dish in a red, black, or white bowl to keep the casino color themes going.

Dice Cheese Spread

For an appetizer, you may want to consider this fun and easy idea that all your guests are sure to love (and promptly devour). Provided by Taste of Home, it just requires a few simple ingredients, including cream cheese, shredded cheese, onion, parsley, and Worcestershire sauce. Once these ingredients are blended, formed into a cube, and chilled, you can give the end result a dice-like appearance by cutting black olives in half and arranging them like the spots on dice. Don’t forget the crackers!

Ultimately, these are just a few interesting ideas to consider when planning an event with your casino night rentals. Keep an eye out for the next post, where we’ll discuss some ways to extend the casino theme even further with some fun beverage ideas! For more information about casino rentals and how to rent casino games, contact MC Casino Gaming, where you’re sure to receive the best casino game rentals Los Angeles has to offer.

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